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October 03, 2016 2 min read

When it comes to buying clothing and sleepwear for your kids, there are definitely things you should know before buying that many parents just aren’t aware of. For example, something parents should always try to avoid is purchasing clothing that has been treated with flame-retardant chemicals. There is controversy over this because some parents think this treatment is necessary to keep baby safe. However, studies have shown that these chemicals can cause health problems. Instead, parents are urged to buy snug-fitting sleepwear as a safer option and here is why.


  1. Snug-fitting pajamas are not treated with flame retardants.


Because these pajamas are tight-fitting, they are exempt from flammability requirements. Therefore, no harmful chemical treatments are required for snug-fitting pajamas.


  1. They decrease flammability and the risk of suffocation.


This is because when baby wears pajamas that are oversized or too loose, it increases the air between the clothes and baby’s skin making it easier to catch fire when exposed to a flame.


  1. It stretches for baby’s comfort.


Some parents may look at snug-fitting sleepwear and think it looks way too small to fit baby comfortably. The truth is that snug-fitting sleepwear it made to stretch to conform to baby’s body for optimal comfort.


  1. It decreases the risk of SIDS.


Since snug-fitting clothing does not hang off of baby like loose-fitting clothing does, it decreases the risk of suffocation which in turn decreases the risk of SIDS.


  1. They are made with better fabrics.


Pajamas made of synthetic fabric are required by law to be treated with flame retardants. Snug-fitting sleepwear is usually made with better quality fabrics which are better for baby’s sensitive skin like cotton, wool, or bamboo.


It is recommended that parents look for a yellow label on children’s clothing which indicates that it is 100% cotton and adheres to snug-fit measurements so these products have not been treated with fire-retardant chemicals and are safest for baby. Avoid blue labels which indicate that the product has indeed been treated with flame-retardants.


You should always make sure that the baby clothing you buy is in compliance with the CPSIA (Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act in USA) regulations. Silkberry Baby designed sleepwear is in compliance with the CPSIA regulations and Health Canada Children’s Clothing Requirement.


Written by Carrie Shan, Founder of Silkberry Baby

Silkberry Baby is an organic baby clothing brand located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Developed by Carrie Shan, a mother of two young children, the range was conceived to create a baby bedding and clothing product range as her daughter had an allergic reaction to synthetic fibres. After much research, she sourced natural, eco-friendly and sustainable fibers (mulberry silk floss and bamboo) that she found to be the best natural choices available for baby and toddlers' bedding and clothing.

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